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 Underated games: Example Dungeon Dice Monsters

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PostSubject: Underated games: Example Dungeon Dice Monsters   Sun Jan 17, 2010 5:35 pm

In yugioh, there is a character called Duke Devlin, who creates a game called dungeon dice monsters. It's quite similar to the yugioh card game, but has it's own unique style. People judge it badly because it was used only once in the whole 216 epsiodes of yugioh, in fact it is really fun, like the card game itself. People judge it before they play it, so their judgement is wrong. you can only judge a game once you play it yourself. People told me that Naruto was good, but i doubted them, so i tried it to see if was good at all, and it was brilliant!
My point is that Dungeon Dice Mosters has been underated due to the fact that it was supposedly a rippoff of Yugioh.
Discuss here any game which you believe is underated.
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Underated games: Example Dungeon Dice Monsters
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